BTS Taehyung’s Antics Make Lee Seo Jin Reconsider Hiring Him as Intern for “Jinny’s Kitchen”

BTS’s V has once again proven why he’s one of the most beloved idols in the world with his appearance on the first episode of Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s).

The Wooga Squad member and youngest cast member of the show immediately captured the attention of viewers with his infectious smile and charming personality. However, it was his playful antics that truly stole the show.

In one scene, V hilariously admitted to drinking four juices from the establishment, leaving Seo Jin and the rest of the cast surprised but unable to be mad at the mischievous idol. The incident showcased V’s endearing and playful nature, making fans fall in love with him even more.

Another moment that had viewers laughing was when V struggled to put on his mask correctly. Instead of covering his mouth, he put it over his eyes, causing Park Seo Joon to erupt in laughter. However, V took it all in stride and attributed his mistake to never having worn a mask like that before.

These moments highlight V’s ability to make even the most serious situations light-hearted and enjoyable. Fans have praised him for his easy-going nature and ability to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Beyond his charm, V’s appearance on Jinny’s Kitchen also showcased his work ethic and professionalism. Despite being a global superstar, he took on the role of intern with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. His dedication to his craft and humility have earned him even more respect from fans and the entertainment industry.

The show’s cast members, including Seo Jin and Park Seo Joon, have also spoken highly of V, expressing their admiration for his talents and personality. They have even joked about hiring him permanently, indicating that he made a positive impact during his time on the show.

In a particular scene, fellow cast member Jung Yu Mi revealed that they had not sold many juices that day, specifically only two. However, V amusingly claimed that he had consumed four juices with a serious expression on his face. This surprised Seo Jin, who questioned if V had drunk their juice. V admitted to drinking a lot of juice with an innocent expression on his face, making Seo Jin unable to reprimand him due to his charm. Yu Mi jokingly congratulated V on his feat, and the caption humorously described V as a generous boss who could laugh off a daring intern.

Another moment captured Seo Jin seemingly questioning his decision to “hire” V. In the food establishment where they were working, all employees had to wear special masks to ensure the safety of the dishes and themselves. However, V caused the ARMYs and the cast to burst into laughter when he walked out wearing the mask over his eyes instead of his mouth, stating, “I can’t see.” It appeared that Taehyung was unfamiliar with the mask.

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