BTS Taehyung To Feature As The Cover Star For ELLE Japan Magazine

BTS’s Taehyung, also known as V, is one of the most popular and influential artists in the world. He is not only admired for his stunning visuals and versatile talents, but also for his personality and values.

ELLE Japan has announced that they have chosen him as the cover star for their special edition of July 2023 issue. The magazine will feature Taehyung as a cover with 13 pages of exclusive content, including an interview and a photoshoot. The special edition is a reprint of the April 2023 issue of “ELLE KOREA”, which was a huge success in both Korea and Japan.

Taehyung was sensational in his ELLE Korea cover photoshoot, where he showed off his charisma and charm. He also shared his thoughts on his career, his family, and his dreams. The cover became a best seller in almost all big stores across Korea and Japan, and fans praised him for his professionalism and sincerity.

Taehyung’s special feature in ELLE Japan is expected to be another hit among his fans and the general public. It will showcase his unique style, his artistic vision, and his warm-hearted nature.

BTS’s Taehyung, also known as V, has established himself as one of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry. He is widely celebrated for his singing, dancing, songwriting, and acting skills, as well as his unique fashion sense and captivating stage presence.

ELLE Japan’s decision to feature Taehyung as the cover star for their special edition of July 2023 issue is a testament to his global influence and popularity. The magazine’s decision to reprint the April 2023 issue of “ELLE KOREA” is also indicative of his immense appeal in both Korea and Japan.

Currently, Taehyung is entertaining his fans as a cute intern in Jinny’s Kitchen, which is a Korean TV Show. Taehyung is also expected to be making his solo debut later this year. The Korean star was recently announced as the official “Celine Boy” or the brand ambassador for Celine.


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