BTS Taehyung Says “All of My Fans Will Cry After Watching” The Final Episode of Jinny’s Kitchen

BTS Taehyung, also known as V, has left fans in anticipation of the final episode of “Jinny’s Kitchen” after his statement, “I think all of my fans will cry after watching the broadcast.”

The popular TV show, featuring the renowned actor Lee Seo Jin and his interns, including Taehyung, has been a hit among fans for its entertaining and educational content. The show has focused on the theme of the culinary arts, showcasing the challenges and growth of the interns in the kitchen under the guidance of Lee Seo Jin.

The latest episode, which aired on April 28th, marked the last day of business for Jinny’s Kitchen. The program highlighted whether the boss could achieve the target sales of 12,000 pesos before the business closed for good. Intern Choi Woo Shik showed concern over the lack of customers and the decreasing stream of customers. The production crew also noticed the worried expression on the boss’s face, raising curiosity among fans as to whether the target sales would be achieved.

Meanwhile, attention was focused on whether Taehyung’s promotion to assistant chef had become a reality. Taehyung played an active part in various menus, including hot dogs, fire ramen, and ramen to the finish. He even cooked ramen under the direction of manager Park Seo-joon. Taehyung’s growth in the kitchen, from being a kid who did not know anything about cooking, to being able to cook various dishes, has been the highlight of the show.

V draws attention by saying, “I think all of my fans will cry after watching the broadcast?” At the same time, he creates warmth by imagining the fans’ reaction, saying, “A kid who doesn’t know anything suddenly learns to cook, and they’d say, ‘He’s all grown up~’.”

The final episode also saw Choi Woo Shik launch a final move to achieve the target sales. He notified customers of the order deadline and put the operation “Last Order” into action.

“Jinny’s Kitchen” has been a hit among fans, thanks to the entertaining and heartwarming content it offers. The show has allowed fans to witness the growth of the interns, especially Taehyung, who has left fans in awe with his skills.

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