BTS Taehyung Cooked Food For His Fans At Jinny’s Kitchen Last Day Shoot

Jinny’s Kitchen, the popular reality show, aired its final episode yesterday on the 28th April. The show followed the adventures of Lee Seojin, a famous chef who traveled to Mexico with his team to open a Korean street food restaurant there. But what made the show even more special was the presence of BTS Taehyung, who joined the show as an intern and learned the ropes of cooking and serving customers under Lee Seojin’s guidance.

Taehyung, who is known for his charismatic stage presence and versatile vocals, showed a different side of himself on the show. He displayed his warm and lovable personality, his hardworking attitude, and his sense of humor as he interacted with his fellow cast members and the local people. He also bonded with his close friends Wooshik and Seojoon, who appeared on the show as guests and supported him in his tasks.

The show provided Taehyung a new kind of opportunity to connect with his fans, who were delighted to see him in a different setting and role. He also expressed his gratitude and love for them in various ways. One of the most touching gestures he made was cooking food for his fans at the last day of the shoot.

A fan revealed on TikTok that they were sent food by Taehyung as a thank-you for supporting him and the show. The fan said that they received hot dogs and chicken that Taehyung had personally cooked for them. The fan said that Taehyung was the most beautiful idol they ever met and thanked him for his kindness.

Taehyung’s gesture was not only a sweet way to show his appreciation for his fans, but also a testament to his skills as a cook. He had learned how to prepare various dishes on the show.

He also impressed Lee Seojin with his diligence as he peeled vegetables, washed utensils, and attended to customers.

In the last episode of the show, the team set a target to earn 12K pesos by selling their food. They faced some challenges along the way. But they managed to overcome them with teamwork and creativity. By the end of the episode, they were able to achieve their target and celebrate their success.

Jinny’s Kitchen was a fun and heartwarming show that showcased the culture and cuisine of Korea and Mexico. It also gave us a glimpse into Taehyung‘s life off-stage and his passion for cooking and learning new things. He proved that he is not only a talented artist, but also a humble and caring person who loves his fans.

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