BTS Taehyung Boosts Molang Snacks’ Sales With His Instagram Post

BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is one of the most popular and influential celebrities in the world. He is not only a talented singer, dancer, and actor, but also a trendsetter who can make anything go viral with his posts.

On May 14th, he updated his fans on Instagram with several pictures that showed his daily life. Among them, one picture caught the attention of many people: a selfie with his bandmate Jungkook from when they attended the Dream movie premiere a few weeks ago. In the picture, Jungkook made a V sign with his fingers and smiled brightly, while V held a white plastic bag with his teeth. The bag contained some snacks from the Molang brand, which is known for its cute and colorful characters.

Molang is a Korean word that means “soft and fluffy”. It is also the name of a rabbit character created by Hye-Ji Yoon, a Korean illustrator and animator. Molang has many friends, such as Piu Piu the chick, Brownie the bear, and Mimi the hamster. They all live in a happy and peaceful world, where they enjoy simple pleasures like eating, sleeping, and playing. Molang has been featured in various products, such as stationery, toys, clothing, and accessories. One of the most popular products is the Molang Halloween candy, which comes with a free random Molang keychain from 18 options.

V apparently got one of these keychains when he bought the candy, and he decided to wear it on the waist of his jeans. He showed it off in another picture on his Instagram post. The keychain he got was a Molang dressed as a vampire. Fans thought he looked adorable and cool at the same time, and they praised his sense of fashion and humor.

V’s Instagram post had a huge impact on the sales of Molang products. According to the official creator of Molang’s character, they received a sudden increase in orders from customers who wanted to buy the same candy and keychain as V. They thanked him for his support and expressed their admiration for him. The designer of the Molang Halloween candy also thanked V for the overwhelming amount of orders they received after his post. They said they were honored and grateful that he chose their product among many others.

V’s influence is undeniable. He has broken two world records with his Instagram followers: the fastest time to reach 1 million followers (43 minutes) and the fastest time to reach 10 million followers (4 hours 52 minutes). He is also the most-followed male K-Pop artist on Instagram. He has almost 60 million followers as of now, and he keeps them entertained with his updates. Taehyung is not only a global star, but also a generous and humble person who supports small businesses and artists. He is truly an inspiration for many people around the world.

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