BTS Taehyung Agrees To Fans’ Request To Do A Karaoke Live With Jungkook

BTS Taehyung is one of the most popular and loved idols in the world. He has a huge fanbase that admires his talent, charisma and personality. He is also very close to his fellow BTS members, especially Jungkook, who he considers as his younger brother. The two have a strong bond that transcends friendship and family. They often show their affection and support for each other on and off stage.

Recently, Taehyung surprised his fans by going live on Weverse, a social media platform where he can communicate with them directly. He greeted them warmly and thanked them for their love and support. He also answered some of their questions and requests that they sent him through comments. One of the requests that caught his attention was from a fan who asked him to do a noraebang (karaoke) live with Jungkook next time.

Taehyung smiled and said that he would love to do that. He said that he and Jungkook have many songs that they enjoy singing together and that they have great nostalgia for.

Taehyung and Jungkook, also known as TaeKook, have a special bond, and their chemistry is loved by fans worldwide.

Fans were ecstatic to hear Taehyung’s response and expressed their excitement and anticipation for the possible noraebang live with TaeKook. They commented that they love TaeKook’s chemistry and harmony and that they can’t wait to see them sing their favorite songs together. They also praised Taehyung for his kindness and generosity towards his fans and his members. They said that he is a precious gem that deserves all the happiness in the world.

Apart from the karaoke live news, Taehyung also looked stunning during the live session, wearing a merch T-shirt designed by his wooga squad friend Peakboy. Taehyung’s fashion sense is widely appreciated by his fans, and he often becomes a hot topic for his unique and stylish outfits.

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