BTS Suga’s Reason For Doing Suchwita Will Melt Your Heart

BTS Suga is known for his rap skills and his producing talents, but also his sweet and humble personality which contrasts with his savage persona known as Agust D. He is a caring and supportive friend to his fellow members. In a recent interview, he revealed the reason why he started his own web series Suchwita, where he invites guests to chat with him over drinks.

Suchwita (슈취타) is a variety show that premiered on December 5, 2022 on YouTube and Weverse. The name is a combination of Suga’s stage name and the Korean word for drunk (취하다). The show features Suga having casual and honest conversations with various celebrities, including his BTS bandmates, while enjoying alcohol. The show has been praised for its relaxed and intimate atmosphere, as well as Suga’s witty and insightful comments.

However, in an interview for his upcoming solo album D-Day, Suga confessed that he is not really comfortable being the host of his own talk show. He said that he prefers to be behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. He also said that he is not good at socializing with strangers and that he feels awkward when he has to make small talk.

So why did he decide to launch Suchwita?

The answer will make you love him even more.

He said that he did it for his BTS members. He explained that when he heard that all of them will be making their solo debuts, he realized that they will have to go to various variety shows to promote their music. He said that he saw that they were nervous and anxious about doing solo promotions, especially since they are used to being together as a group. He wanted to help them feel more comfortable and confident by creating a show where they can talk freely and openly about their albums and their feelings.

“I don’t really enjoy being on the show either. It’s a time to rest, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to work more and support my members. Their albums are coming out continuously and they need to be on YouTube or TV shows to promote them. They were concerned a lot about it. I thought it would be nice if they could come to my show and talk comfortably without any pressure or script. I wanted to make them feel at ease and have fun,” he said.

Suga’s reason for doing Suchwita shows how much he cares about his BTS brothers and how much he respects their individual endeavors. He also shows how humble and selfless he is by putting aside his own preferences and discomforts for the sake of his members. He is truly a leader and a friend that anyone would be lucky to have.

If you haven’t watched Suchwita yet, you should definitely check it out. You will not only enjoy Suga’s charming personality and rap skills, but also get to know more about his guests and their stories. You will also witness the strong bond and love that BTS members share with each other. Suchwita is a show that will make you laugh, cry and melt your heart.


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