BTS Suga Joins Jimin As The Only K-Pop Soloists To Cross 1 Million Album Sales On Hanteo On Debut Day

Suga, the rapper and producer of the global sensation BTS, has made history with his solo debut album D-DAY. The album, which showcases his alter ego Agust D, has sold over 1 million copies on Hanteo chart in less than 7 hours since its release on April 21, 2023. This makes him the second K-pop soloist to achieve this feat, after his fellow BTS member Jimin who debuted with his solo album FACE in March.

The album has achieved a remarkable feat, selling over 1,071,649 copies on Hanteo within less than 24 hours since its release. This unprecedented sales record has made it the K-pop soloist album on Hanteo to sell the most copies in a day, surpassing the previous record held by fellow BTS member Jimin. Jimin’s debut solo album “FACE” had sold 1.021 million copies on its first day of release in March.

D-DAY is a 10-track album that explores various themes such as identity, mental health, social issues and personal growth. The album features collaborations with artists such as J-Hope, IU, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kim Woo Sung of The Rose. The title track “Haegeum” is a powerful rap song that samples the traditional Korean instrument of the same name. The song showcases Suga’s skills as a lyricist and a producer, as well as his charisma and confidence as Agust D.

The album has received critical acclaim from both fans and critics, who praised its musical diversity, lyrical depth and artistic expression. Suga has also released a music video for “Haegeum”.

With D-DAY, Suga has proven himself to be one of the most influential and versatile artists in the industry. . As one of the most highly anticipated solo debuts in K-pop, the album’s impressive sales record is expected to continue to rise in the coming days and weeks.


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