BTS Star V , Sets Records, and Breaks the Record for the Fastest to Reach 10 Million Followers

BTS members have ruled the social media realm for quite some time, and fans were pleasantly surprised on Monday when Jin, Jimin, Suga, Jungkook, J-Hope, RM, and V each opened their own Instagram accounts.

Fans of the Army, a group of South Korean singers, were quick to tap on the Follow tabs for all seven members. However, one member of BTS managed to set a new record for gaining the most followers in the shortest amount of time.

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, beat out Angelina Jolie, who had previously established the record for the fastest time to 1 million followers. The 25-year-old singer broke a new record by being the fastest person to reach 10 million Instagram followers. At the time of writing, the singer’s Instagram account has 17.8 million followers.

The seven members’ personal Instagram profiles have been revealed ahead of BTS’ second official vacation. After working on their craft since the pandemic began, BTS’ entertainment company, BigHit Music, announced on Monday that the seven members will be taking their second formal extended period of relaxation. Since their debut in 2013, the seven members will be spending the holidays with their different families for the first time.

The septet’s decision to open Instagram profiles just as they begin their personal rejuvenation period can be viewed as a way for them to stay in touch with their followers in their own capacity. As shown by his recent Instagram post, V has mastered the GenZ habit of posting photo dumps on the photo-sharing platform, while BTS leader RM appears to be taking advantage of the opportunity to share his own love for the sea, cats, and all things natural.

All Members Of BTS Have Opened Personal Instagram Accounts

This is the best news anyone could give you, ARMYs! As of December 6, 2021, at 3 p.m. IST, the members of BTS have officially opened their personal Instagram accounts. The seven members have all taken to social media with their own accounts, a first for the group, in a move that no one expected.

They follow each of the other six members, as well as the official BTS account, on their verified accounts. They’ve each uploaded one image and have already begun to make funny remarks. Their usernames, on the other hand, have captured our notice. BTS’ Instagram accounts are unique, witty, and properly represent their personalities.

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