BTS & Seventeen Fans Clash Over J-Hope & Hoshi's 'Horanghae' Pun

BTS & Seventeen Fans Clash Over J-Hope & Hoshi’s ‘Horanghae’ Pun

Seventeen fans are aware that the group and its supporters have an inside joke regarding Hoshi’s ‘horanghae’. Because the tiger is the member’s symbolic animal, he frequently employs the pun ‘horanghae,’; which is a Korean combination of ‘tiger’ and ‘I love you.’

Fans were eager for the tiny interaction between their faves when J-hope aka Hobi described his recent Instagram image as ‘horanghae.’ However, by controlling the flow of information about their idol, some followers have created a toxic environment.

Because J-hope and Hoshi are both signed to the same label, some fans assumed the two were buddies; which is why the BTS member used the word ‘horanghae’. Hoshi also liked J-Instagram hope’s post and responded by posting a selfie. Some fans; however, were not pleased with the exchange. Some members of the ARMY (BTS’ fandom) claimed that J-hope coined the term, while others in the Carats (Seventeen’s fandom) attempted to prevent non-fans from using it.

Seventeen’s Hoshi coined the phrase in June 2019 when he uploaded a snapshot of his hand shaped like a tiger paw with the caption ‘horanghae’. BTS, on the other hand, frequently use wordplay with the phrase “I love you,” as evidenced by V’s creation of the pun “Borahae,”; which translates to “I purple you” or “I love you till the end of days”; because purple is the last rainbow colour. ‘horanghae,’ J-hope captioned his image with a tiger decoration.

Many admirers believe he employed the wordplay since the year 2022 is the year of the tiger. Whether he came up with the ‘horanghae’ pun on his own or as part of Hoshi’s internal joke; the majority of fans have distanced themselves from the toxic supporters; who are waging a fan war over who originated the joke.

Fans Had Multiple Reactions To Horanghae

We had some ARMY making tweets like, “Horanghae was invented by hobi today. he’s so cute for that!” and “17 stans thinking hobi is copying their hoshi guy by using horanghae as if Hobi even knows who that is like-” We also had some Carats responding negatively, “U will never be hoshi!” and “That @ user [J-hope] with caption horanghae in insta must be a carat.”

Most multi fans, on the other hand, were overjoyed, with some even speculating that it was a sign that Hoshi will be featured on J-hope’s upcoming solo album. One fan shared, “Hoshi and J-hope collab when????” Another joked, “I can see hobi going “AAAH HOSHI-YA HORANGHAAAEEEE” every time they bump into eo in hybe lifts and hoshi giggling; and screaming back the same while the other members of both teams profusely bow and apologize jdhjsks”. Another made a reaction meme, “Hobi & hoshi meeting today at hybe’s building after that horanghae instagram post by uarmyhope (real)”. Another wondered, “What if in Hope world 2, there is a feat.”

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