BTS Namjoon Talks About Jungkook’s “Practically Semi-Nude” Calvin Klein Photoshoot At Suga’s Suchwita

BTS member Jungkook’s recent campaign with Calvin Klein has been making waves online, with fans praising the K-pop star’s striking visuals and bold fashion choices. His photoshoot also caught the attention of BTS members RM (Namjoon) and Suga during a recent episode of Suga’s reality talk show Suchwita.

If you are a fan of BTS, you must have heard of Suga’s reality talk show Suchwita. The show is a platform for the members of BTS and other Korean stars to share their stories and promote their solo projects. Suga himself is one of the members who has recently made his solo debut with his album D-DAY, which showcases his rap skills and personal style.

During the episode, Suga, who recently released his debut solo album D-Day, and RM had a candid and fun conversation about various topics, including their music, their friendship, and their opinions on other members’ activities. Suga had previously revealed that he created the show to help promote the solo music projects of BTS members.

One of the highlights of the episode was when Namjoon brought up Jungkook’s stunning campaign with Calvin Klein. Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has recently become a brand ambassador for the famous fashion label and has impressed everyone with his charismatic and sensational photoshoot.

Namjoon asked Suga if he had seen Jungkook’s campaign and what he thought of it. Suga replied that he had seen it and that he thought it was really cool. He praised Jungkook for being a “total pop star” and for having a lot of confidence.

Namjoon joked that Jungkook’s photoshoot was “practically semi-nude” and that his underwear was “almost down to his ilium”, which is a part of the hip bone. He added that Jungkook’s campaign had caused a lot of buzz among the fans and the public. He said that when people saw Jungkook’s photos, they were like “Oh? BTS CHAPTER 2 might not be so bad”. BTS CHAPTER 2 refers to the second phase of BTS’s career, which involves the members pursuing their solo endeavors and enlisting in the military.

The episode ended with Suga and Namjoon thanking each other for their support and friendship. They also expressed their love and gratitude for their fans and promised to keep working hard on their music.

Jungkook‘s partnership with Calvin Klein is just one example of his versatility as an artist, with the K-pop star also releasing solo music and working on various creative projects outside of the group. As BTS continues to evolve and grow, fans are eagerly anticipating what’s next for these talented performers.


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