BTS Makes History At MTV VMA’s 2022, Crowned As ‘Best Group Of The Year’

BTS is making history once again this time at the MTV VMAs. Even though the group didn’t attend the event they still broke records for receiving the group award for the 4th time.

BTS has won the ‘Best Group of the year award at the VMA’s. This title has been BTS’s for four consecutive years. They weren’t there to receive the awards, but their fans are quite happy. They were nominated for various titles, this year let’s have a look at what they are.

BTS was nominated for Best K-Pop, Best Metaverse Performance, Best Visual Effects (Charlie Puth & BTS), Best Choreography, and Song Of summer with (Charlie Puth & Jungkook).

The reason for BTS not being present at the VMA’s is that they are currently in their home country. They are focusing on their individual projects as solo artists. Previously in June, BTS announced that they are taking a break from their band to focus on their own individual careers.

Hybe the company, that manages them has already confirmed that BTS is not disbanding itself. They are going to work together but currently, their focus is on solo projects of their own.

Suga one of the BTS member too clarified saying, ” It’s not like we’re disbanding. We should live doing what we want to do… Writing lyrics is the hardest. What message do we want to give? Nothing comes out anymore.”

Another K-Pop Band Makes History, This Year

Blackpink took home two awards this time and one award was for a solo artist.

The quartet’s first award was for Best Metaverse Performance which they won for “Blackpink The Virtual – Pubg”.Lisa grabbed the first K-Pop solo artist award at the VMA for her album ‘Lalisa’.

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