BTS Jungkook Talks About Military Enlistment and Haircut Plans in Recent Live Stream

In a recent live stream, BTS member Jungkook candidly discussed his military obligations and shared his plans for a unique haircut when he will prepare for his own enlistment.

During the live stream on May 25, Jungkook interacted with fans and responded to their comments. When a fan expressed their support and commented, “The military loves you,” Jungkook acknowledged the sentiment, stating, “It’s true.” This acknowledgment showcased his acceptance of the inevitable military service that awaits him, reinforcing the shared commitment of the BTS members.

Jungkook took a moment to discuss his fellow member J-Hope, who recently completed his military training. He mentioned that J-Hope had uploaded a selfie after the completion ceremony. Jungkook playfully commented on the change in J-Hope’s appearance, noting that his eyes had become “very manly.” This lighthearted mention demonstrates the camaraderie among the BTS members and their support for one another during this significant transition in their careers.

Addressing his own upcoming enlistment, Jungkook reassured fans that he would face it with composure. He shared his unconventional haircut strategy, which he humorously called “hair-lighting.” Instead of abruptly cutting off all his hair, he intends to gradually shorten it over time. The aim is to create a subtle change that would surprise fans and make them wonder, “When did his hair become so short?” or “When did he buzz his hair?” By making this alteration feel natural, Jungkook hopes to ease the transition and maintain a connection with his fans even during his military service.

Although Jungkook mentioned his upcoming enlistment, no official schedule has been announced yet. As of now, members Jin and J-Hope are currently serving in the military, fulfilling their mandatory duties as South Korean citizens.

BTS member Jungkook‘s recent live stream provided fans with insights into his thoughts on military enlistment and his unique haircut plans. With the enlistment of Jin and J-Hope already underway, Jungkook expressed his acceptance of the upcoming journey and his determination to return to his fans in a composed manner.


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