BTS’ Jungkook Takes a Stand Against Invasive Fans, Threatens Strict Action

BTS’s Jungkook is known for his calm and humble demeanor, but the K-pop superstar has taken a strong stand against invasive fans who have been sending unsolicited food deliveries to his house. Jungkook took to Weverse, a social media platform popular among BTS fans, to express his concerns and warn fans about the dangers of such behavior.

In his post, Jungkook requested fans to stop sending food deliveries to his house, as it puts his safety at risk. He also mentioned that even if fans send food, he won’t eat it and that he eats well by himself. The BTS star even threatened to take measures against those who continue to send unsolicited food deliveries to his house, stating that he would inquire about the order number on the receipt.

“Please don’t send food delivery to my house. Even if you send it, I won’t eat it. I’m thankful for the thought but since I eat well by myself you (the sender) can buy and eat it. I’m requesting. If it’s sent one more time, I’ll inquire about the order number on the receipt and take measures. Therefore, please stop heh,” he wrote in a post on 4th May.

Jungkook’s message comes days after he had shared a live broadcast with his fans earlier, where he cooked and ate some food while chatting with them.

The revelation has shocked fans, who are now expressing their concern for the safety and well-being of Jungkook. Many fans are also taking to social media to condemn the behavior of these invasive fans and to urge them to stop.

The fact that fans are sending unsolicited items to his house is a violation of Jungkook’s privacy and could lead to dangerous situations. Jungkook’s warning serves as a reminder to fans that their actions have consequences, and that it’s important to respect the privacy and safety of their favorite celebrities.

Invasive fans have been a persistent problem in the K-pop industry, with many stars having to deal with dangerous and unsettling behavior from some fans. The situation has become so serious that some K-pop agencies have started to take legal action against fans who engage in such behavior.

Jungkook‘s message to fans is an important one, and serves as a reminder that celebrities are human beings too, with the right to privacy and safety. Fans should enjoy their favorite celebrities’ music and performances, but should also respect their personal lives and boundaries.


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