BTS Jungkook Reveals His Honest Reaction When He Was Appointed As Calvin Klein Ambassador

BTS Jungkook is not only a global superstar, but also a fashion icon. The 25-year-old singer has been making waves in the fashion industry with his stunning debut campaign for Calvin Klein, one of the most prestigious and influential brands in the world. Jungkook has been chosen as the new brand ambassador for Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear, joining the ranks of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Shawn Mendes.

Jungkook’s campaign for Calvin Klein has been highly anticipated by his fans and the public alike, as he is known for his impeccable style and charisma. The campaign showcases his versatility and allure, as he poses in various outfits ranging from casual denim to sleek underwear. The pictures have been praised for capturing his natural beauty and confidence, as well as his unique personality and charm.

In a recent interview with Spur.JP, Jungkook opened up about his experience working with Calvin Klein and his honest reaction when he was appointed as an ambassador. He revealed that he was overjoyed and excited when he received the offer, as he has always been a fan of Calvin Klein. He said, “I did it! I was so excited. I love Calvin Klein, so I was really happy to be an ambassador for Calvin Klein Jeans and Calvin Klein Underwear. My favorite item is Calvin Klein denim jeans. When they saw the visuals we shot, everyone responded with ‘Like!’ I think they were happy.”

Jungkook also shared some behind-the-scenes stories from his photoshoot, which took place in Los Angeles. He admitted that he was nervous and anxious at first, as it had been a long time since he had done a fashion shoot. However, he said that he felt comfortable and relaxed thanks to the professional and friendly team that worked with him. He said, “It had been a long time since I had done a fashion shoot, so I was nervous and nervous. However, the photographer I worked with was very easy to work with and gave me a sense of security. The overall atmosphere was relaxed. I was able to shoot with a wonderful team, so it was a lot of fun!”

Jungkook‘s campaign for Calvin Klein has been receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike, who have been impressed by his stunning visuals and charisma. He has also been attracting new fans who have been captivated by his charm and talent. Jungkook has proven once again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music and fashion industry, as he continues to break boundaries and set new standards with his achievements.


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