BTS JUNGKOOK Lip Piercing Is Real News

BTS JUNGKOOK Lip Piercing Is Real

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October 2, 2021

  • Jungkook revealed a lip piercing today, October 2
  • Months after coming out with his eyebrow piercing, it seems that BTS’ Jungkook has another piercing.
  • Recently, a clip went viral on social media featuring the K-pop group. Performing Butter for what seemed like The Fact Music Awards.
  • The maknae is known to have a full sleeve of tats and an eyebrow piercing
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Jungkook | BTS

Moreover it is not very common to see K-pop stars flaunt their tattoos as much as Jungkook does. While stars are expected to maintain a clean image, Jungkook is definitely in a league of his own. From a fully tatted arm to a piercing that may potentially have gotten a new partner, Jungkook is just the coolest in the edgiest of ways.

All glimpses of Jungkook's tattoos and piercings

The golden maknae of BTS took the internet by storm with his potential lip piercing videos that have been circulating around. While it can easily be a sticker, but that’s how the saga of is eyebrow piercing started too. Jungkook got tired of stickers and decided to get his eyebrow pierced for real. 

Till we get a confirmation on the second one, it is only fair that we take a moment to appreciate all the tats he has ever flaunted till now.

While we do not have as many pictures of them, the ones we did get are enough to make you swoon.

Finally, take a look at all the glimpses we ever got of Jungkook’s tattoos and piercings that prove why he raises the cool quotient everywhere he goes:

Jungkook | BTS
Jungkook | BTS
Jungkook | BTS

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