BTS Jungkook Continues to Playfully Tease Suga with Marriage Proposal Even During His World Tour

BTS’s Jungkook appears to be determined to keep the ongoing marriage proposal joke towards Suga going, with the phrase “Yoongi, marry me” making waves in the K-Pop community and receiving mixed reactions from fans.

Some find it amusing and harmless, while others think it’s overplayed and irritating. However, it seems that Jungkook is thoroughly enjoying the trend and is always looking for ways to tease Suga with the phrase.

During Suga’s recent world tour, Jungkook took the opportunity to continue his playful antics. Prior to the show, Suga revealed that he would be using a guitar signed by all of the BTS members, which made the fans’ hearts swell. After the show, fans shared pictures of the guitar, and some eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice a message from Jungkook on the instrument. Alongside all of the other supportive messages from the members, Jungkook humorously wrote, “Yoongi, Marry Me.”

Despite some fans protesting that the phrase has become overdone, Jungkook continues to show how iconic it is. This is not the first time Jungkook has teased Suga with marriage proposals, as he has done it in the past during live broadcasts and Weverse live. Fans couldn’t get over how lighthearted Jungkook was being, and it appears that he is not letting go of the ongoing joke anytime soon.

Although some fans may find the joke overplayed and tiresome, it is clear that Suga and Jungkook have a unique bond, and their playful teasing only adds to the group’s dynamic. As the world tour progresses, fans can only wait and see what other tricks Jungkook has up his sleeve for Suga.


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