BTS’ Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope Ask Suga To Marry Them On His Birthday

BTS Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, celebrated his 30th birthday in style by conducting a LIVE session with his fans. During the session, other BTS members joined in and left comments for the rapper, with Jimin receiving a reply to his marriage proposal, much to the others’ disappointment. Despite the chaos, Suga impressed fans with his soulful singing and guitar playing skills.

But beyond the birthday celebrations, Suga showed his kind-hearted nature by donating 100 million won for emergency relief in Turkey and Syria following a devastating earthquake. His gesture of donating for children affected by the earthquake has won him the hearts of many fans.

Suga’s birthday LIVE session gave fans a glimpse into the strong bond and chemistry he shares with his fellow BTS members, especially Jimin. Their friendship and the love fans have for them, known as “Yoonmin,” was evident during the session, adding to the fun and chaos.

Suga’s talent and dedication to his music were also on display as he sang and played the guitar, mesmerizing fans with his soulful voice. Fans couldn’t get enough of him, with one user calling him “too cute to handle,” and another saying he’s “the definition of handsome.”

But it’s Suga’s kind and giving heart that truly shines through. His donation towards earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria shows his compassion towards those in need, especially children who have suffered greatly from the disaster.

Overall, Suga’s birthday LIVE session and his donation towards earthquake relief efforts showcase his multi-faceted personality, talent, and kind-hearted nature, making him an inspiration to many fans.


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