BTS Jimin & J-Hope Donate 100 million KRW Each For Children Affected By Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria

BTS is well-known for their musical prowess, and recent media attention has been drawn to its members’ charitable activities. The boy band and its members routinely make headlines for their significant donations to international humanitarian initiatives.

Jimin and J-Hope have joined Jin in the UNICEF Korea’s Honors Club after each having donated 100 million KRW to UNICEF’s emergency relief for children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

On February 15, the Korean Committee for UNICEF said, “Jimin & J-hope donated 100 million won by participating in the ‘Emergency Relief for Children Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria’.”

Jimin, who participated in this emergency relief and practiced sharing once again, said, “I hope it will help children affected by the earthquake.”

UNICEF Korean Committee Secretary-General Lee Gi-chul said, “Jimin-nim has been carrying out the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign with BTS members for the sixth year since the UNICEF Korean Committee and Big Hit Music signed a social contribution agreement, and UNICEF’s campaign to eradicate violence against children and adolescents.” They support END Violence. Since his debut, Jimin, who has continued to share in various fields and spread good influence around the world, has delivered a precious fund for children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. I am deeply grateful,” he said.

He continued, “I am reminded of a diplomat once again saying that BTS is one of Korea’s two major achievements over the past 60 years, along with economic development and democracy.”

Since 2017, Big Hit Music and BTS have donated a total of 5.97 billion won (as of December 2022) to the Korean Committee for UNICEF through the ‘LOVE MYSELF’ campaign, including ‘LOVE MYSELF’ products and album proceeds. and 2020 UN General Assembly speeches, concerts, interviews, talk shows, etc., spreading messages of hope and courage to children and adolescents around the world by promoting the value of loving oneself.


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