BTS Jimin Finds An Unexpected Ally In Post Malone’s Father Against Spotify

BTS Jimin has been making waves with his solo debut album FACE, which was released on March 24, 2023. The album showcases Jimin’s versatile vocal skills and emotional expression through various genres such as pop, hip hop and R&B. The title track Like Crazy is a synth pop song that highlights Jimin’s poignant timbre over intense synth and drum sounds. With his solo debut project, Jimin became the FIRST K-Pop soloist to reach #1 on Billboard Hot 100 and Spotify Global Chart.

Like Crazy was released with two versions – an English version and a main Korean version. Initially, both songs were released separately on Spotify, but then the streams for both songs were combined. However, after Jimin became the first Korean soloist to reach #1 on the Global Spotify Chart, the streams were separated the next day without any explanation from Spotify.

Fans have been requesting Spotify to fix their error and combine the streams again, as they believe it is unfair to Jimin and his achievements. They have also pointed out that Spotify has combined streams for other songs that have multiple versions, such as Chemical by Post Malone.

A Post Malone fan account @postystreams tweeted – “@spotify you fixed “Chemical” (by Post Malone) in 3 days but haven’t fixed “Like Crazy” yet!?! This IS NOT a good look…”. Surprisingly, Post Malone’s father @rriproarin also tweeted the same thing, showing his support for Jimin and his fans.
Fans were delighted to see him supporting Jimin and thanked him for his tweet. They also expressed their admiration for Post Malone and his music. BTS and Post Malone have mutual respect and appreciation for each other, as they have met and performed together at various events.

Jimin’s solo debut album FACE has been receiving rave reviews from critics and fans alike, as well as breaking records on various charts and platforms. Jimin has proven himself as a solo artist with his own unique style and voice, while also being a member of one of the most influential groups in the world.


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