BTS Jimin Could Not Make It To The Met Gala 2023, But His Iconic Outfit Did, With Kristen Stewart

The Met Gala is one of the most prestigious and glamorous events in the fashion world. Every year, celebrities and designers showcase their creativity and style on the red carpet, following a specific theme. This year’s theme was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”.

One of the most anticipated guests of this year’s Met Gala was BTS’ Park Jimin, who has been making waves in the fashion industry as a Dior and Tiffany & Co. brand ambassador. Jimin is known for his impeccable taste and charisma, and fans were eager to see what he would wear for his debut Met Gala appearance.

However, to the dismay of many, Jimin did not attend the event. He was in New York for a Tiffany & Co. event, and several news outlets had confirmed his attendance at the Met Gala. But for some unknown reason, he did not show up at the red carpet.

Fans were left wondering what happened to Jimin, and if he was okay. Some speculated that he might have had some scheduling conflicts, or that he wanted to avoid the media attention. Others hoped that he would make a surprise appearance later in the night.

But while Jimin was absent from the Met Gala, his iconic outfit was not. Kristen Stewart, the star of the Twilight saga and a Chanel muse, wore a striking black-and-white ensemble that looked very familiar to some eagle-eyed fans. It was the same outfit that Jimin had worn for a photoshoot in February 2022.

The outfit was from Karl Lagerfeld’s 2016/2017 Cruise Collection for Chanel, and featured a cropped jacket with a high collar, a white shirt with a black bow tie, and wide-legged pants. Jimin had worn it for “The Fact BTS Photobook Special Edition 2021, Life of Jimin”, a photobook that captured his life and personality.

Jimin had looked stunning in the outfit, exuding elegance and charm. Kristen Stewart also looked amazing in the outfit, giving it her own twist. She looked edgy and chic, embodying the spirit of Chanel.

Both Jimin and Kristen Stewart rocked the outfit in their own ways, showing their individuality and flair. Fans were impressed by how they pulled off the same outfit so differently, and praised them for their fashion sense.

While fans were disappointed that Jimin did not attend the Met Gala, they were happy that his outfit did. They hoped that he was doing well, and that he would attend the event next year. Jimin may not have made it to the Met Gala 2023, but his iconic outfit did. And it did not go unnoticed by fans and fashion lovers alike.


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