BTS' Dynamite, 1st Asian Act To Top Apple Music's 2021 Most Streamed Songs Chart

BTS’ Dynamite, 1st Asian Act To Top Apple Music’s 2021 Most Streamed Songs Chart

With the year coming to a close, charts and platforms are compiling data to see which project will be the most engaging in 2021. With almost 90 countries watching ‘Squid Game,’ we already know the K-drama will be a strong contender for the most-watched Netflix show. South Korea appears to be gaining ground in other areas as well; such as music.

Over the last year, the global K-pop group BTS has released some classic English hits; including ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Butter,’ and ‘Permission to Dance’. We’ve seen them make history in a variety of ways, including as Special Presidential Envoys for the 76th United Nations General Assembly; the first Asian act to win the AMAs’ Grand Prize for ‘Artist of the Year,’; and now with sold-out shows.

After more than two years, BTS is staging its first set of offline concerts. BTS became the first act to sell out four performances at SoFi stadium in Los Angeles; as fans flocked to see their idols play. It’s also the first time that overseas fans will be able to watch live concerts on YouTube Theater.

Aside from that, BTS has set a new record on Apple Music’s music streaming platform. Apple Music announced year-end charts for several criteria on November 30; including the Most Streamed and Most Read Lyrics categories. Their goal is to spotlight the most influential music from the previous year.

And 2021 is a wonderful year for K-pop because many non-fans are spreading out and embracing Korean artists. ‘Dynamite,’; a BTS English song is the most-streamed song on Apple Music in 2021. The track, which was published in August 2020, smashed records and reached the top of various charts; including iTunes, Gaon, and Billboard.

BTS becomes the first Asian act to top Apple Music’s Most Streamed Songs Chart with ‘Dynamite’. In addition, their most recent single, ‘Butter,’ was ranked #21 on the list. On the Most-Read Lyrics Chart for 2021, ‘Dynamite’ was ranked #4; followed by ‘Butter’ at #13. Due to the pandemic, many people were stranded at home and resorted to music for solace; according to Apple Music.

They compiled the most-streamed songs from October 2020 to October 2021; which depict the hope that the songs instilled in everyone.“What they all have in common, from hip-hop upstarts to a wave of Japanese artists striving in streaming to a K-pop juggernaut primed for planetary domination,” they continued, “is that they brought comfort and catharsis at a time when we all needed them most.”

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