BTS ARMYs Demand Protection for Jungkook as Sasaeng Threatens to Leak Private Information

BTS ARMYs Demand Protection for Jungkook as Sasaeng Threatens to Leak Private Information

BTS ARMYs are outraged when it was revealed that a sasaeng had received confidential information regarding Jungkook, the group’s golden maknae. The accused stalker claimed to have hired personal hackers to gain access to Jungkook’s picture book and to have threatened to publish personal details about Jungkook’s dating life on their Instagram account.

The scenario has prompted indignation among fans, who are now demanding Bighit Entertainment intervene and conduct an investigation. They are concerned about the idol’s safety and privacy, and they fear that the sasaeng’s acts may result in more exposure to sensitive information.

Several fans turned to Twitter to vent their rage at the sasaeng, encouraging others not to connect with them and to submit any information to Bighit Entertainment. They underlined the necessity of respecting celebrities’ privacy and avoiding exceeding the line between fan and stalker.

It’s depressing to see that celebrities are expected to reveal every detail of their lives to followers; despite the continual violation of privacy. While celebrities certainly have a certain sense of obligation to their followers; it is also crucial to recognize their right to privacy and personal space.

The K-pop business is notorious for its severe laws and norms; and it’s past time for fans to grasp and follow these rules. Sasaengs not only disturb idols’ privacy but also endanger their safety by stalking and following them.

It’s admirable that ARMYs are taking the lead in protecting their idols and encouraging others to do the same. But, it is equally necessary for the industry and law enforcement to take firm action against sasaengs; in order to prevent such events in the future.

BTS ARMYs made it clear that they must learn to distinguish; between being a supporting fan and a stalker as fans. They deemed It is their job to safeguard the idols’ safety and privacy; as well as to respect their personal space.


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