BTS Army Enraged After Sodapoppin Burns Life-Size Poster Of Jungkook On Live Stream

Twitch streamer Sodapoppin seems to have promised himself that he will ensure to remain in the news for his shenanigans. Recently, he passed comments about the ongoing Non-Fungible Token trend and called the pricing of NFTs as ‘ridiculous’.

If this wasn’t enough to stir up a debate on the Internet, Sodapoppin has now decided to enrage the fans of elite K-POP band BTS. BTS members have battled it out with the streamer in the past as well when he called the BTSArmy as ‘cringe’.

Sodapoppin Calls BTS Fans ‘Cringe’

He took to his Twitter handle and said: “Listen, K-pop fans. I am going to say it. You are all cringe. Facts. Do you feel threatened by my message? I hope so.” Sodapoppin did not just stop here. He also mocked the BTS fans on stream.

After receiving a flood of backlash from the BTSArmy, the whole situation cooled down. But guess what? Sodapoppin is back again with his mischief to enrage the BTS Fans and this time, it is rather serious.

‘I Love BTS’

Sodapoppin burned a life-size cardboard poster of BTS band member Jungkook with a flamethrower live on his Twitch stream. Before he torched the poster, he said ‘I Love BTS’ in an attempt to further duel tensions with the BTS Army.

Sodapoppin was opening $25,000 worth of items on stream when the Jungkook life size poster happened to be among the items. This is when Sidapoppin decided to take the poster to his backyard and torch it and destroy it.

BTS Army is enraged with the actions of Sodapoppin and they have taken to Twitter and elsewhere on the internet to express their frustration against Sodapoppin.

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