Bryce Hall Vs Deji Olatunji Boxing Match Expected To Happen In 2022

Deji, the British YouTuber called out Bryce Hall for using steroids last week and we seem to have a response from the TikToker now. And guess what? The feud between the two has gotten real with Bryce Hall wanting to box Deji in 2022.

Bryce Hall has responded to Deji’s claims that he is on steroids and has also challenged the British YouTuber to square off in the boxing ring.

Deji has not have a good run in his boxing career so far with 0-2 losing streak against American YouTuber Jake Paul and TikToker Vinnie Hacker. The last fight Deji had was against Vinnie Hacker during the YouTubers Vs TikTokers Battle of Platforms event in early 2021.

However, after his second loss in a row, the British YouTuber decided to go on a hiatus, train extensively, and be back for redemption. Recently, KSI talked about Deji’s comeback in his video.

Deji, Moneykicks, And Island Boys

Bryce Hall said he would box Deji this year and also mentioned some other names that he was down to fight.

“You know what? Deji, I want you,” he said. “I’ll box you. F**k it. This year, 2022, I’m gonna box Deji.”

“It feels good to say it,” he continued. “I’m stepping back in the ring, baby! This time, with a W.”

“fun to punch the tattoos off your stupid faces.”

“I’m not on steroids, man,” he claimed. “They know I look good, but this is all natty. You can test me whenever you want. And I will 100% fight you this year if you win your next boxing match.”

Deji Says Bryce Is On Steroids

 As the YouTuber claims he is “out for redemption,” he is ready for any challenge that comes his way.

“They’re saying that I’m fighting Bryce Hall, I saw that I’m fighting some people from FaZe … I’m hearing all these names,” he explained. “They’re all rumors … If you want me to fight on that [Showstar Boxing UK V USA] card, you guys know what to do … If I have to fight Bryce, I don’t mind fighting that steroid little b**ch, you know what I mean?”

Bryce Hall, meanwhile has also been embroiled in controversies after TikToker Faith Ordway accused him of pressuring her to kiss.

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