Bryce Hall Vs Austin McBroom- Everything You Need To Know

The biggest draw in the TikTok versus. YouTube Fight was a battle between YouTube’s Austin McBroom and TikTok’s Bryce Hall. McBroom rose to notoriety as the creator of The ACE Family, a YouTube channel with nearly 19 million subscribers and 4.2 billion views. Hall is a well-known TikTok creator, with 19.9 million TikTok fans.

The two locked horns in 2021 during the Battle of Platforms event with Austin McBroom emeging the winner of the night. Here is everything you need to know about the wildly famous Bryce Hall Vs Austin McBroom fight.

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    Austin McBroom Challenges Bryce Hall

    Given the two content providers’ track records, this was the night’s most critical event. McBroom provoked a confrontation with Hall in December 2020. McBroom said Hall was “too afraid to combat” after Hall disclosed texts between the two in March 2021. Only five days following the conversation, a formal battle was scheduled.

    Austin McBroom, the YouTube celebrity and founder of the Ace family, defeated TikTok star Bryce Hall in three rounds. In a one-sided encounter, the American YouTuber kept his word and knocked out his competitor with relative ease.

    McBroom and Hall competed in the main event in a one-of-a-kind contest pitting all YouTubers against TikTokers. Over the last two months, the two have engaged in heated verbal sparring, with a one-million-dollar wager on the knockout. McBroom, on the other hand, showed his flair on fight night.

    The Fight Night

    On Saturday, June 12th, the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens was transformed into a social media brawl house. Bryce Hall fought Austin McBroom for three hard rounds during the loaded evening of TikTok against Youtube battles. After the referee intervened, McBroom was declared the winner. On Twitter, however, Bryce had the final say.

    Austin McBroom got off to a fast start from the first ring. He came out swinging and unleashed a flurry of blows right away. Hall was hit with jabs and power strikes by the YouTuber, who has over 19 million subscribers. Because Hall couldn’t keep up with McBroom’s speed and power, he had a lot of success. Furthermore, it resulted in Bryce Hall’s first bloody nose.

    How Much Money Will Bryce Hall And Austin McBroom Make In Boxing Fight?
    Battle of Platforms, presented by Social Gloves

    When the second round rolled along, Austin McBroom was even more successful. The YouTuber delivered on his promise to deliver a knockout. When the founder of the Ace family detected blood, he stepped on the gas, increasing the pressure on Hall. As a result, at the end of the round, Hall received a standing count.

    McBroom finally fired a flurry of punches at his opponent in the third round. The YouTuber served up a few clever and effective mixes. The referee had had enough after the standing count in the previous round and many warnings, and he called a halt to the match. McBroom eventually won via knockout and pocketed the million dollars they had wagered on a knockout.

    What did Hall have to say about the TKO he received during the fight? Despite the hard strike, the TikTok star maintained a pleasant attitude throughout the fight. Following the event, Bryce Hall tweeted, “Congrats @AustinMcbroom we put on a show, let’s take some shots.”

    As the 21-year-old influencer-turned-boxer continued to reflect, the positive vibrations continued to flow. Regardless of the setback, Bryce Hall said he treasured the experience and felt pleased. After all, getting to the fight was no easy task. And Hall’s pride wasn’t only for himself. All of the other rookie athletes who competed in the Hard Rock Stadium event received congrats from the social media celebrity.

    Fans Criticized The Boxing Event

    Bryce Hall admitted that the entire experience put his confidence to the test, and he felt insecure fighting in front of 30,000 people. Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend went out of his way to support another boxer who was being mocked in the aftermath. “Deji is actually such a good guy man, sucks to see people clown him for something they’d never get the opportunity to do,” Hall wrote to fans.

    And it seems that a large number of people agreed. Over 40,000 people liked the tweet, and 1,200 people retweeted it. He also had one more unique thought to share. Bryce received a substantial sum of money for his struggle, and he was determined to put it to good use. What better way to express your affection than upgrading his mother’s living quarters? He tweeted saying he will buy his mom a house. However, many people criticized the boxing event.

    Fans expressed their displeasure with the event and the significant ability gap between Hall and McBroom on social media. Hall barely landed a punch, received a points deduction in the first round, and was knocked out in the third round, despite the bout being promoted as a professional boxing match. As a result, it’s no wonder that fans were critical of the event.

    The Aftermath of Battle of Platforms

    Austin McBroom won the ring for the YouTubers that night, but he’s been slapped with a slew of lawsuits since then. Everyone involved in the event, from Tayler Holder to Nate Wyatt to the streaming company LiveXLive, claimed that they were not compensated. Bryce alleged on Adin Ross’s Twitch feed that he is owed $5 million by McBroom as well.

    “No, I have not gotten paid, so Austin, hit me up please?” Hall said during the stream after a viewer asked if he had seen the cash he was owed yet. Hall did indicate immediately after the Social Gloves event that he is definitely pursuing legal action in an attempt to get compensation for McBroom, but as we previously stated, he is only one of several people who are/were supposedly still waiting to be rewarded for the event.

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