Bryce Hall Trolled Yet Again After Getting Into A Fight

Bryce Hall Trolled Yet Again After Getting Into A Fight

In a video posted by The Hollywood Fix on YouTube, Bryce Hall was seen standing up to fashion designer, Pretty Boy Larry. This happened in the middle of a party and the two were seen arguing. The designer was seen throwing a punch and fighting the TikTok star to the ground.

The video then showed Bryce getting up again as another unnamed person threw another punch before running Pretty Boy Larry out. By looking at the clip, nobody can make out what the fight was about. After the two drifted off, the party was quickly dispersed.

In another video by The Hollywood Fix, Pretty Boy Larry explained what happened. He shared that he was talking to a girl who is speculated to be Riley Hubatka. Bryce approached Larry and allegedly said, “That’s my girl”. Larry continued as he claimed Bryce called the girl his sister. He also claimed that the altercation happened at his house.

However, the influencer addressed the situation on Instagram. He called the stylist a “random clout chaser”. He said,

“Last night, it was a little hectic with JRod’s birthday. We just kinda let everybody and their moms in, which resulted in random clout chasers trying to fight me. So this time for my birthday party, we’re gonna have a list. (And) So if you’re not on the f***ing list, don’t bother coming ’cause I have eight giant a** security guards enforcing that s**t. So message me if you wanna be on the list.”

As usual, because he is an influencer, online users will have comments on the argument. Few users stated that Bryce will count this altercation as one of his “forty street fights”. A user stated that all they see is a nice house guest trying to take some trash out. The user went on to state that the trash was Bryce. Another user said, “I always find him hilarious he thinks he’s all tough.”

One user pointed out that if the guys did not help the influencer, he would have gotten knocked out. Bryce Hall has not commented any further on the altercation.

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