Bryce Hall Seemingly Responds To Addison Rae After She Shades Him

Bryce Hall Seemingly Responds To Addison Rae After She Shades Him

Bryce Hall took to his social media account to respond to Addison Rae after she dissed him in her latest interview.

Both Bryce and Addison started dating each other in 2020 and went public on their YouTube channel. But they went their separate ways the same year and announced that they were single. However, a month later, they were spotted wearing a duo Halloween costume. They posed as Harley Quinn and the Joker seemingly claiming that they are back together.

But things did not end well this time around as they both broke up yet again in 2021. This came after cheating rumours surrounding Bryce in Las Vegas. They went on to confirm their breakup in March.

Now, there is a video of Addison where she is sitting down with Vanity Fair and taking a lie detector test. She was asked various questions as her heart rate was being monitored. The interviewer asked the influencer if she is friends with all her exes. She responded by saying no and then followed up the question by asking if she believed in Karma.

Addison expressed her shock when she was asked indirectly about her ex, Bryce. She responded,

“Hypothetically speaking, would you consider someone getting knocked out in a PPV boxing match, karma?”

She hesitated to answer that as she eventually said no. Even after she tried to save herself from the controversy that is to come, the person monitoring the detector stated that Addison was lying. This obviously implied that the influencer believed that Bryce getting knocked out during his fight was karma.

Mere hours later, Bryce took to his social media handle and tweeted a cryptic message. He wrote, “it’s sucks when you speak nothing but good things about someone and they just sh-t on u lol”.

However, Addison always used to defend Bryce when she was asked about his alleged cheating in interviews.

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