Bryce Hall Says A Boxing Match With Island Boys Is Very Likely To Happen

Bryce Hall, one of the most popular TikTokers on the planet is gearing up to get back in the boxing ring. Recently, he declined YouTuber Adam Saleh’s boxing challenge. But now it seems like Bryce Hall might be interested in a fight, not with Adam Saleh, but with the famous Island Boys.

Earlier, we know that Adam Saleh had sent a Direct Message to TikToker Bryce Hall on Instagram, challenging him for a boxing match. The TikToker declined the fight offer straight up and said “Nah lol’ to Adam’s question of whether Bryce was trying to fight him.

Adam Saleh shared a screenshot of his conversation with Bryce Hall in the DMs on his Instagram story. Bryce Hall wrote “you’re known as the guy that loves dudes no offense, im not fighting u as a lightwieght”.

Bryce Hall Vs Island Boys

Now that we are certain a bought against Adam Saleh is not very likely, Bryce Hall has hinted that a fight against the Island Boys can happen ‘for the right price’.

The teams of both sides are currently in talks and if the price is right, we can soon hear the Bryce Hall Vs Island Boys boxing match announcement.

Bryce and Island Boys have had a pretty sour history together. The twins have been in the news for their gimmicks. Be it getting booed on their first live performance in Miami, storming off the IMPAULSIVE podcast, or being kicked out of the Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul 2 fight.

The Feud

Coming back to their most recent feud with Bryce Hall, the TikToker commented under one of their videos saying “Guys… he’s thuggin, chill out”. Bryce Hall actually was referring to the viral clip of Island Boys storming off from IMPAULSIVE podcast as they say “You know I’m thugging, right?”

“Fly to Fort Lauderdale airport and we’ll show you what real gangsters do,” replied Island Boys.

In the latest Tweet from his official handle, Bryce Hall wrote “This would also draw the attention away from the embarrassing a** beating bird face boy received from his girlfriend after hitting her first… allegedly.”

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