Bryce Hall Explains His Alleged Fight Over Riley Hubatka

Bryce Hall Explains His Alleged Fight Over Riley Hubatka

Bryce Hall had got involved in a brawl with fashion designer Pretty Boy Larry at a party which was on August 14th. The Tiktoker has now come forward to clear the air as he comments on the situation again. Their fight ended up with them throwing punches at each other.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Fix, Bryce revealed that he makes jokes about everything. He explained that the designer was talking to a girl that was uninterested in him. The influencer further shared that he made a joke about getting into his sister’s Instagram.

Bryce said,

“I make jokes about everything. He was talking to a girl that was clearly uninterested in him and I made a joke like ‘yo are you trying to get into my sister’s Instagram.’ Wasn’t flirting with this chic, was just a girl that was so clearly uninterested in this guy.”

The influencer further explained that he was trying to take advantage of the situation. He stated that he was trying to ease the mood by making jokes but the fashion designer did not take it lightly.

The media questioned the TikToker about whether he wanted to fight Pretty Boy Larry in the boxing ring. Bryce responded saying where will the benefit be as he admitted that the designer hit him. However, he added that Larry missed and ran away and got kicked out of the party at his house.

As per the fashion designer, he was talking to Riley Hubatka. Bryce assumed that Riley was not interested and called her his sister. However, as the temperature was rising, the TikToker claimed Larry was at home. This led to the designer throwing in a punch.

Bryce stated that the designer came to his party at his house and says he does not know him. He added that he called the paparazzi himself and that is the last thing Bryce is going to say about the situation. The influencer continued that he did not even care about that “kid” and does not know who he is.

Making his last statement to Hollywood Fix, Bryce claimed that Larry knew him and that is all he has to say.

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