Bryce Hall Claims He Has No Friends After Sway House's Collapse

Bryce Hall Claims He Has No Friends After Sway House’s Collapse

Bryce Hall has lost his friends as well as his home after leaving the Sway House. The TikTok star had taken to his social media account to give his fans “a little life update”.

What started out as the passion project of Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler have now disbanded. All the members are slowly leaving the LA mansion one by one. The influencer leaving the Sway House was the big news which led to a massive break of the group.

However, that is not all Bryce had to lose as he lost his house. He claimed that he lost all of his close friends as well after leaving the Sway House. “I just fully moved out of the Sway House. I get my place, by myself, on the first of September, so I’m going to be jumping around for two weeks like a f**king rabbit,” he said on his Instagram story.

Bryce added that he is an adult and living by himself, doing everything by himself. He claimed he has no friends and urged others to text him if they want to be friends. However, the reason for the influencer’s departure was not because of their massive disagreement over their love lives. At a time, that could have been the reason.

Bryce claimed that it was because he worked the hardest out of the group. He claimed that he needs a friend group that works hard. The influencer quickly clarified that he parties hard but no one works as hard as he does in the group. He revealed in an Instagram live, “It’s true and I need a good friend group that grinds but also parties, and that’s us guys. We party, we grind, we do business sh*t.”

The influencer has finished moving from the Sway House and from photos of his birthday party, it looks like he is having fun. However, it is now becoming reality for fans of the Sway House that their favourite group does not exist anymore.

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