Bryce Hall Calls The Cops On A Stalker Who Broke Into His New Home

TikToker Bryce Hall has been amongst the breakout Internet celebrities this year. The TikToker is also active on YouTube, Instagram, and other social handles.

While Bryce Hall rose to fame due to TikTok, he made sure that his career ranges are well-diversified. He has also tried his luck in boxing when he took part in the Battle of Platforms event in early 2021 fighting Austin McBroom.

The Same Old Stalker

Bryce Hall was the part of the famous TikTok content collective Sway House. However, this year he moved into his own place after quitting his association with Sway House.

Being a social media sensation, it is obvious that Bryce Hall has a lot of fans and the attention of the crowd is always on him. This has also prompted a lot of stalkers going behind the influencer.

Recently, Bryce Hall revealed that a stalker broke into his new home [the address of which was kept highly confidential]. The stalker was the same man who also broke into the Sway House when Bryce was a part of the content collective.

‘This Sh*t Is Terrifying’

This time, however, Bryce Hall did not show lineancy in the treatment of the stlaker. While the last time the Sway House members left the stalker without creating legal trouble for him, this time Bryce Hall called the cops on him.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Bryce Hall wrote: “Stalker from this video found my new house and walked into my house,” Hall Tweeted. “I have him in the same position as last time and I’m not blurring his face this time.”

“We blurred his face last time in the video but this time IDGAF… this s**t is terrifying,” he added.

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