Bryce Hall And Josh Richards’ Lifestyle Drink ‘Ani Energy’ Reaches Walmart Shelves News

Bryce Hall And Josh Richards’ Lifestyle Drink ‘Ani Energy’ Reaches Walmart Shelves

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Time icon August 24, 2021

Bryce Hall is making some progress as an internet celebrity cum entrepreneur. The popular TikToker has secured an amazing brand deal for his lifestyle energy drink ‘Ani Energy’ with one of the biggest retail chains in the United States of America – Walmart.

Ani Energy was launched in 2020 by TikToker, Internet Celebrity, and Entrepreneur Josh Richards alongside Bryce Hall. He has a successful history of being an entrepreneur and pulling off massive projects. Josh Richards is also the co-founder of TalentX Entertainment which is a digital talent management agency working with top content creators of the world.

Available In 400 Walmart Stores

In talks with Yahoo Finance, Josh Richards revealed that their energy drink company ‘Ani’ has secured 400 stores distribution deal with Walmart and now their products will be seen on the shelves in the big box retail store Walmart.

Initially, Ani Energy was selling Direct-to-customer but the popularity of the energy drink has been insane. The tagline says ‘not your average energy drink’ and it seems to be certainly true. Why? Because Ani Energy stands out from having as it has lesser calories, sugar, and caffeine. And if you’re someone who knows a bit about business, that’s Ani Energy’s unique selling point!

Walmart’s FOMO

But why would Walmart all of a sudden crack a deal with Ani Energy and give them a place on their shelves in 400 stores across the USA? Well, Josh Richards seems to have an answer.

“I think [Walmart] was the perfect distribution because that’s where I was going as a kid, that’s the place that me and my friends looked forward to going with our parents, grabbing that one treat you might’ve got when your parents brought you shopping,” Richards said. “So there’s a little bit of that nostalgia for me.”

He also added that Walmart had a ‘fear of missing out’ when it saw smaller retailers selling out Ani Energy out of stock! Even though the brand and Walmart were in talks to crack a deal since late 2020, Richards said “They wanted to see a little bit of where Ani would go and the power that Ani had”.

‘Bit*h I Am The Brand Deal’

Bryce Hall also took to his Instagram stories to share the news with his fans. He also revealed that he and Josh Richards would be ‘surprise visiting and holding ‘fan meetups’ at a few of the 400 Walmart stores where Ani Energy is now available to celebrate the milestone!

“Who says that I fuck up the brand deals, bi*ch I am the brand deal,’ said Bryce! Will you be getting some Ani Energy the next time you visit Walmart? Tell us in the comments!

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