Bryce Hall And Josh Richards Announce Fan Meet Up In Walmart Today

Following the Walmart distribution deal for their lifestyle energy drink ‘Ani Energy’, internet personalities Bryce Hall and Josh Richards have announced a fan meet up in one of the Walmarts that distribute Ani Energy.

Walmart has given Ani Energy shelf space in 400 of its stores across the United States and the Co-founders are planning to hold meetups at many Walmart stores in the coming days.

When Is The Meetup?

Josh Richards took to his Instagram story to reveal that he, along with Bryce Hall will be visiting the Walmart at Battleground Ave in Greensboro ‘TODAY’ (27 August). The time will be 2:00 PM.

‘Hey guys. Going to Walmart Battleground Ave, this guy right here [Bryce Hall] and me so be there 2PM today,’ said Josh on his Instagram story. He asks Bryce if there was ‘anything else’ to add to it but Bryce just requested all fans watching to ‘just come’ to the meetup.

So yeah, if you are in the US and want to see Josh and Bryce live, it’s your chance! And who knows they might just sponsor a carton of free Ani Energy drink for you? Tell us in the comments if you’re nearby the meetup location and would be going to Walmart Battleground Ave today!

Lifestyle Drink Ani Energy

Ani Energy was launched in 2020 by TikToker, Internet Celebrity, and Entrepreneur Josh Richards alongside Bryce Hall. He has a successful history of being an entrepreneur and pulling off massive projects. Josh Richards is also the co-founder of TalentX Entertainment which is a digital talent management agency working with top content creators of the world.

Initially, Ani Energy was selling Direct-to-customer but the popularity of the energy drink has been insane. The tagline says ‘not your average energy drink’ and it seems to be certainly true. Why? Because Ani Energy stands out from having as it has lesser calories, sugar, and caffeine. And if you’re someone who knows a bit about business, that’s Ani Energy’s unique selling point!

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