Bron Breakker defeated JD McDonagh to retain the NXT Title on Heatwave

In a brutal match for the NXT Title, Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh, two vicious and hard-hitting Superstars, clashed. With a delayed backbody drop, Breakker demonstrated that his shoulder was just fine as McDonagh promptly went for it.

How the match went?

It was a thrilling match we both athletes putting up a great show of sheer raw and power. It was towards the end though when things picked up and we were able to witness a full on conclusion.

When before locking in a crossface, McDonagh propelled Breakker shoulder first into the ring post. And before executing a Frankensteiner from the top rope, Breakker escaped. He attempted to pin McDonagh, but he kicks him out. Before both guys climb to the top, McDonagh hands Breakker an insiguri and then delivered a Spanish Fly. He made a Brain Buster and attempts to pin the opponent, but Breakker kicked out again. While McDonagh tried to moonsault, Breakker successfully speared him. Rolling to the outside, McDonagh is thrown back inside by Breakker, who then speared him once again. McDonagh stood up and laughed although his lips were bleeding. Before putting him to the mat for the victory, Breakker fired yet another spear at him concluding the thrilling contest.

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Do you anticipate Bron Breakker to become a future world champion or Mania major eventer?

Bron Breakker undoubtedly possesses many of the traits of a future main event talent, yet we wouldn’t want to describe somebody with only a few weeks of ring time as a future world champion.

He is a fantastic character who comes across as real and a true badass.

He looked good in the ring when he made his NXT debut, in our opinion, and he’s gotten even better since then. We adore his powerful, hard-hitting manner. Although it is clear that his father and uncles have had an impact on his style and personality, he nevertheless feels like a novel figure. Rather than a cheap tribute act, this is more like the next Steiner generation.

The work he does with the microphone is superb. He exudes an aggressive and self-assured aura naturally. On the microphone, he keeps it straightforward, but his comments are insightful and succinct. He does not stumble when speaking. His advertisements don’t come off as phoney or staged; rather, he sounds like a nasty guy merely announcing his desire to kick some doors down.

Fans think that Bron Breakker will be a future star in the main roster

Let’s see, everything about Bron Breakker of WWE NXT:

Bron Breakker is presently a WWE performer, appearing on the NXT brand. Bron is a super-talented athlete. His strong build, which has elevated him to a prominent position in WWE NXT 2.0, has given him a height of 6 feet and a weight of 104 kilos. In the ring, Bron Breakker brings a potent combination of strength and intensity. Bron Breakker is destined for greatness on the starting lineup. A few days ago, Bron made his WWE NXT debut. He has now won his first match. The WWE is about to discover a megastar in Bron.

According the how they have handled his promotion in NXT thus far, Bron Breakker appears set to eventually assume the position of WWE’s top star. To his credit, he has the appearance, education, and background necessary to someday achieve at a higher level.

While we wouldn’t wager on any NXT rookie being a foregone conclusion future WWE champion in the current climate of confounding booking by WWE, Bron unquestionably has all the makings of a man who will one day compete as the main event in that company. The possibilities are endless for this young Steiner puppy.

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