Britt Baker expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to compete in WWE NXT  

Britt Baker expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to compete in WWE NXT  

AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker discussed her WWE tryout experience on the most recent edition of Talk Is Jericho. She stated that she was only given the job because of her appearance. However, due of her background in dentistry, she was turned down for a contract.

“However, Canyon Ceman was almost like the gatekeeper for indie wrestlers and was trying to get into NXT at the time.” At the conclusion of the audition, he approached me and drew me aside. ‘You know, you’ve just begun dentistry school,’ he said. As a father, I find it difficult to dissuade you from pursuing a professional degree.’ “My heart sank.”

Important Things Revealed By Britt Baker

“I had a tryout once I finished training. ‘Oh, she’s a pretty girl,’ they said, and they granted me a tryout solely on the basis of my beauty. After completing the training, I was placed in a group that included bumps and rolls. By the conclusion of the tryout, we are unable to walk. The girls in Orlando were myself, Lacey Evans, and Bianca “Britt Baker went on to say more. “All of this seemed to be putting our range of motion to the test.” ‘Holy sh*t, we’re getting signed,’ we thought to ourselves. So we’re celebrating, and I’m still in touch with those girls on a regular basis.

Britt Baker went on to explain why this was actually a good thing. Canyon would also get in touch with her on a frequent basis, she said. “However,” she concluded, “I owe him everything because I would have dropped out of dentistry school in a second to go to WWE.” “Because I was young and dumb, and I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to be NXT Women’s Champion,‘ as if it would go me very far, right?” After sometime, he kept in touch with me every few months. He kept in regular contact with me, saying things like, “Let me know when you graduate dentistry school,” and “Send me your matches.”

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