Britt Baker

Britt Baker Explains How She Balancing Being An AEW Star And A Dentist

Britt Baker is without a doubt one of the most prominent stars on the current AEW women’s roster. She kills it in every appearance she makes on television, whether it’s in a match or a promo. Aside from being one of the most prominent women in wrestling today, the Pennsylvania native is also a practising dentist in Florida.

Baker described a typical week in her hectic life during an interview. I work at the dentist on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Tuesday, I’ll function as late as I can, which would be usually until 4 or 5 p.m. Then I come back home, take my suitcase, and head to the airport. Dynamite, our main television show, airs on Wednesdays. I’m usually awake until about 2 a.m. on Thursday morning that night. I might just get one or two hours of rest before my 5 or 6 a.m. return flight to the dentist clinic.

Baker went on to say that, whereas her schedule is hectic, she wouldn’t have it any other way since it allows her to work her two dream tasks simultaneously. She also mentioned that when she first began juggling wrestling and dental school at the same time, she encountered hostility from people in both fields due to the nature of the two careers being diametrically opposed.

Many people appreciate her ability to balance both at the same time

She went on to explain that as time has passed, people’s perceptions of her have shifted, and many people appreciate her ability to balance both at the same time. Baker also disclosed that she made the decision to attend dental school while still a student at Penn State. She liked science and knew she was great at it, but she admitted to coasting through school without putting forth any effort to get the best marks possible.

She discovered her interest in the healthcare field after receiving a wake-up call from her father and job-shadowing for one summer, and she tried various positions until she job-shadowed at her general dentist’s office. During her time there, she realised how much she enjoyed dentistry and decided she wanted to pursue a career as a dentist. She worked to improve her grades and was ultimately accepted into multiple schools.

Baker started wrestling in 2015 after being approved to the University of Pittsburgh’s dental school. She knew she had to get into wrestling after watching it with a friend and realising how popular the indies were in the Pittsburgh area. She discovered a wrestling school in town and contacted them. They informed her she could start training the next week, and the rest followed.


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