Britney Spears Wants A New Conservator In Place Of Her Father Jamie Spears News

Britney Spears Wants A New Conservator In Place Of Her Father Jamie Spears

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Time icon July 27, 2021

Britney Spears has legally asked for her father to be removed from her conservatorship. The development comes after 13 years of her father taking control of her life and finances.

The new legal attorney of Britney Spears has filed an application in court on Monday, just a month after Spears broke her silence on the conservatorship, calling it “abusive”.

‘Nightmare’ Conservatorship Arrangement

In court papers, Matthew S. Rosengart labelled the conservatorship of Britney Spears as “Kafkaesque nightmare”.

The new lawyer requested that the treasurer Jason Rubin be appointed as the conservator of Britney’s estate.

Britney Spear’s estate is reported to have assets of $ 2.7 million (£ 1.95 million) in cash and non-cash assets over $57 million ($ 41 million).

According to his website, Rubin has experience in managing portfolios and cases involving the exploitation of finances of older people.

Recent Court Testimony

The replacement of Jamie Spears is expected to be the first phase of a comprehensive legal review process of the conservatorship.

The conservatorship arrangement came into place in 2008, when Britney’s health concerns prompted her father to ask the court to grant legal right to her daughter’s life and finances.

The star has received loads of public support after her court testimony touched the feelings of many last month. In court, Britney revealed that she was drugged, was forced to act against her will and was barred from having children.

What Does Britney’s Father Say?

Britney said she wanted her father removed from his role as conservator, saying he ‘works me so hard’ and threatened to punish her if she did not follow his instructions.

Jamie Spears has been denying any allegations of abuse and has expressed concern about her daughter’s well-being.

An application to remove him from conservator role comes just two weeks after Mr Rosengart, a former government prosecutor, took over as Britney’s lawyer.

Britney’s New Legal Attorney

He was appointed after Samuel D. Ingham III, a court-appointed attorney who represented the star 13 years ago, resigned on the basis of court evidence/statements that Britney Spears gave.

In court documents obtained by the tabloid Los Angeles Times, Mr Rosengart described the relationship between Spears and her father Jamie as “venomous” and said it “weakened Ms Spears’ mental health, her well-being, and her ability to continue with her work.”

He claimed that Jamie Spears had benefited from his daughter’s estate, earning $ 16,000 (£ 11,500) a month in addition to the cost of office space and taking money from her work contracts.

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