Britney Spears is Not Being Held Hostage: Reports

Britney Spears allegedly held as a hostage is circulating for quite some time now. Fans have come in support with the #FreeBritney movement. They are worried that her conservatorship is keeping Britney held prisoner of her own life.

Britney has been under her father, Homie Spears legal guardianship since 2008. This comes after her public breakdown. Fans are speculating that Britney has been trying to communicate that she wants to escape. People believe she is trying to send a message via her Instagram.

TMZ has denied the claims recently that her father is holding her as a hostage. They said that her father is not ‘lording over his daughter’ and that there are other people involved in the conservatorship. It allegedly includes doctors, lawyers, therapists, and a judge.

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The site has also reported that Britney has been struggling recently because her medications have become less efficient. She allegedly takes those medicines to stabilize her mental health. However, Britney does complain about needing more freedom.

#FreeBritney movement resurfaced when fans secretly asked Britney to wear pink or black if she is in trouble. The singer was then seen dancing in pink shorts with black polka dots. This started the conspiracy theories about Britney being held as a hostage.

Britney attended a court hearing last year over her conservatorship with both her parents. The singer was ordered to undergo a 730 expert evaluation. In September last year, #FreeBritney campaigners gathered outside a court in downtown Los Angeles. They arrived for the conservatorship but the results of the hearing remain unclear.

#FreeBritney Movement Supported by her Mother

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The conservatorship is usually in place for the elderly. Although it gives Jamie, Britney’s father, all control over her business and personal affairs. Just two days ago, Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears put in a request to be included in all matters of her daughter’s finances.

The hitmaker’s mother is said to have filed the document to the Los Angeles County Courts in the hope of regaining some control of her daughter’s money. Britney’s father stepped down from her conservatorship. He wanted to hand it over because of her ongoing health issues.

The judge approved Jamie’s request and handed it over Britney’s longtime care manager Jodi Montgomery, as her new conservator. #FreeBritney, the fan driven movement urges for Britney to be freed. Due to the conservatorship, she cannot herself control many aspects of her day-to-day life.

Britney’s mother supported the #FreeBritney movement by liking few of its posts. She claimed that Britney’s team was ‘deleting positive comments on her Instagram post and leaving negative ones to keep up the illusion that she needs help!’

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Although Britney posted earlier this month on her social media that she was happy. She posted a bible quote and said she gets how people don’t like her posts or understand them. The popstar said that it is her being happy and as real as she can be. She further writes that she wants to inspire people to do the same and just be themselves. ‘…that’s the key to happiness,’ she said.

The passage Britney posted read: ‘Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.’

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