Britney Spears’ Father Loses Control On Her Finances, Must Share Conservatorship

The judge denied Britney Spears’ father’s request for greater financial control and power.

Jamie Spears has been in charge of her daughter’s financial affairs since 2008, but the singer has recently indicated she wants him to be removed.

Court’s Ruling

On Thursday, the judge upheld a previous ruling that called for a financial company a co-conservator for the singer.

The judge dismissed Mr Spears’ request to retain his previous powers over his daughter’s finances.

Fans protest as part of the Free Britney campaign

The decision means that Mr Spears and the private company, Bessemer Trust, will now have equal control over her finances.

As a result, he is now expected to work with the company to create a budget and investment proposal for the artist’s estate.

The conservatorship is a legal arrangement that was put in place because of concerns about her mental health.

Los Angeles Judge Brenda Penny nominated the Bessemer Trust as co-participants in November, but rejected the star’s attempt to remove her father altogether.

Jamie Spears was opposed to Bessemer’s involvement, saying it reduced the power he had for years. Judge Perry dismissed his appeal on Thursday. The next hearing is scheduled for March 17.

What Does Britney Want?

Britney Spears’ attorney Samuel D Ingham III previously said the singer was “afraid” of her father and did not want him to handle her finances and career.

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On Thursday, Mr Ingham reiterated the pop star’s wish, adding that it was “no secret” she didn’t want her father to be a co-conservator, but acknowledged that removing him altogether would be a “separate issue”.

Excitement has resurfaced in the case following the recent release of a document focusing on the conflict over the singer’s guardianship.

Framing Britney Spears, which was produced by The New York Times, examined the conservatorship in-depth, as well as how the singer has been treated by the media throughout her career.


It also explored the #FreeBritney movement, a campaign by some of the star’s fans who believe her life and career are controlled against her will The party’s campaigners were outside of court on Thursday.

Babs Gray, host of the BritneyGram podcast, told the BBC outside the court: “It hasn’t changed anything much today… I don’t think a lot of forward movement will happen until Britney’s lawyer actually files to get her out of the conservatorship.”

She said interest in the #FreeBritney issue had “exploded” in the past week as a result of the documentary.

“It’s been really encouraging to see how supportive everyone is about the movement, how they are reckoning with how Britney was treated in the past,” she said. “I hope its not just a flash in the pan. I hope people keep paying attention and keep putting the pressure on.”

Britney Spears hasn’t performed live for more than two years, and insists she has no intention of doing so again until her father is forced to relinquish control over her career.


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