Britney Spears Deactivated Her Instagram Days after Tying Knot with Sam Asghari

Singer Britney Spears has deactivated her Instagram account, once again and it seems that the singer is taking another social media break. Spears deactivated her Instagram account once again, after her wedding and criticized her family members, as they allegedly mistreated her during her now-terminated conservatorship and claimed that she had, ‘never asked’ her elder brother Bryan Spears, to attend her recent wedding.

Talking about her Instagram account of Britney, it showcases and displays the message ’sorry, this page isn’t available.’ Whereas, this is not the very first time, that the pop star has deactivated or deleted her Instagram account. Spears, did this same thing in March after there were reports regarding her conservatorship. Just before her latest Instagram deletion, where she had complained about her kids and said that her kids Sean Preston and Jayden James “don’t need me anymore” and furthermore, barred her from “showing recent pics of us,” but she “respects their wishes.”

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the singer’s boys were like the rest of her family as they were not present during her wedding. As per the reports to come up and it was seen that Spears revealed on Wednesday and spoke about that she ‘never asked’ her elder brother Bryan Spears to her wedding though despite the fact that the 45-year- old’s fiancée had earlier cited a schedule difficulty as the reason for his absence.

Britney Said She Didn’t Consume Alcohol on Her Wedding Day

In the long text statement which was uploaded on the Instagram page, the pop star had slammed Bryan and along with the rest of the Spears family, because of their alleged abuse of her during her now-terminated conservatorship. The singer also revealed that she had not at all consumed a sip of alcohol on her wedding day, as she’d been ‘drug tested at least three times a week for the last 13 years and was never permitted to drink. Britney and her boyfriend Sam started dating back in 2015 and tied the knot last Thursday at her Thousand Oaks home. Her wedding was attended by many celebrities, as they all turned up on her wedding day to congratulate her.     

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