Britney Spears: Back On Instagram After Her Account Deleted For 2 Days

The youth idol is back on social media site- Instagram after two-days. The ‘Toxic’ singer, Britney Spears raised eyebrows when her account mysteriously appeared deleted on Wednesday, March 16.

Britney Spears Is Back!

Only after two days Britney comes back to her Instagram with a new hot outfit. Britney left little to the imagination with a sheer white crop top with nothing underneath, showing off her toned abs. The 40 years old star paired the thin t-shirt with a navy blue tennis style skirt made out of a luxe velvet, and a camel colored pump.

It is assumed that the 90s inspired look could have been from Alicia Silverstone. Likewise, it was notorious for its crop top and mini skirt sets that went on to become a massive fashion trend.

Instagram | Britney Spears

Britney however posed with confidence in her living room. Likewise she captured the images, presumably on her phone with a self timer. Britney put her arms on her hips as she revealed her iconic pierced belly button to her 39.9 million followers in the third image. Gently placing her hands on her legs. She kept her caption simple with her favorite rose emoji, seemingly hinting at her mysterious ‘Rose’ again.

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Instagram | Britney Spears

Her Crazy Instagram

Britney Spears looking all happy in a new video shared by her at Instagram. She danced her heart out in a yellow crop top and athletic shorts. Sharing it might have felt good to her, indeed.

The 40 years-old singer put her heart out at Instagram while dancing, popping and twirling. Britney surprised her followers- her talent can’t be put in a box, sharing in the video she “let go for the first time in a very long time” and that it felt good to “push” herself and “improve”.

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