British Drama Call The Midwife Set To Depart From Netflix UK In September 2021 News

British Drama Call The Midwife Set To Depart From Netflix UK In September 2021

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Time icon August 14, 2021

Since the launch of BritBox almost two years back, the fans have seen some of the elite BBC dramas bid farewell to Netflix UK.

It was long coming that one of United Kingdom’s most highly rated and loved shows titled Call the Midwife had to bid goodbye! It is now set to leave Netflix UK in September 2021.

Call Midwife has been available on Netflix UK platform for the past seven years.

Why Is Call The Midwife Leaving?

It was first added to the library on March 17, 2014, starting with just the first two seasons. During the seven years of Call the Midwife on Netflix UK we have seen many of its episodes and seasons being added or removed.

Once again, as a general pattern that is observed, the launch of BritBox was followed by a host of BBC drama content departing from the Netflix UK library.

Over the past two years, we have seen David Attenboroughs’ beautiful natural docuseries, beautiful dramas, and timeless comedy removals as well.

What Is The Drama About?

Call the Midwife is a British drama series about the life of a midwives group in East London from the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s.

Currently, Call Midwife is expected to depart from Netflix UK on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

Where Can You Watch The Show Now?

Outside of Netflix UK, Call the Midwife is available to broadcast on BritBox and the BBC Player. Nine seasons and Special Christmas episodes are available on BritBox that requires paid subscription to watch.

However, every single episode of Call the Midwife is also available on BBC iPlayer so take benefit of that while you can.

Will It Return To Netflix UK?

As one of the BBC’s most popular dramas so far, it’s not impossible either for expecting Call the Midwife to return.

As per entertainment tabloid WhatsOnNetflix “We wouldn’t expect every season to become available, at the very least the series could return with multiple seasons for a limited time.

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