Bring Me The Horizon Set Release Date For ‘Strangers’, Their New Single

After giving a live preview of their next original single, “Strangers,” last month, Bring Me The Horizon revealed the song’s release date. The band initially unveiled the song during a DJ performance they gave on the opening night of their own event, Malta Weekender.

The version of the song they played featured loud electric guitars and thrashing percussion, similar to most of the band’s recent studio work. However, in a new teaser video, the song appears to have been changed into a much more subdued ballad, suggesting that this may not be the version they officially release. Guitarist Lee Malia can be seen playing in the video as vocalist Oli Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish are singing.

The lyrics from the original version appear to be unchanged, as in the chorus: “We’re just a room full of strangers / Looking for something to save us / Alone together, we’re dying to live and we’re living to die / Dying to live, living to die / We’re just a room full of strangers.”

Bring Me The Horizon jokingly compared their Malta Weekender to Fyre Festival earlier this year, saying it had “better sandwiches” when attending the 2022 BandLab NME Awards. The group gave a six-song homage to Ukraine while accepting the prize for Best Band From The UK.

The band revealed information about their next North American tour in the same month. The September to October runtime includes support from artists like Knocked Loose, grandson, and Siiickbrain. To raise funds for the LGBTQ+ charity UKRAINEPRIDE, Sykes and drummer Mat Nicholls will both take part in a triathlon in August.

On Wednesday, July 6, Bring Me The Horizon will release “Strangers”;  the track will be the group’s first official single for 2022.

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