Bret Hart talks his early wrestling struggles, that '1997 Match' against Stone Cold

Bret Hart Responds To Brock Lesnar Calling Him A Dream Opponent

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart did virtual signing for Signed By Superstars on Friday and talked about WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg. While Bret was doing the signing, Hart responded to Brock Lesnar calling him a dream opponent. As noted, it was WWE Superstar Natalya who revealed that Lesnar had once told him that a dream match would face Bret Hart.

“I heard I was his dream game [Brock Lesnar]. It was just a week ago I heard that. I always heard that Brock was a good worker, ”said Hart.

Bret Hart also noted that Lesnar was a real champion in the ring, unlike Goldberg. His beef with Bill Goldberg returns to the job-ending injury he suffered during the WCW match between the two of them.

“I never heard that [Lesnar was strong in the ring]. He always feels the opposite, that he looks strong, but he is a real expert in the ring. Quite different from Goldberg. ”

At the signing, Bret Hart was also asked if he would attend All Elite Wrestling. Hart replied, “Go there and do what?”

Natalya had talked about Bret Hart being dream opponent for Brock

The former Women’s Champion also discussed her Brock Lesnar conversation, revealing something surprising about The Beast.

“Folks wouldn’t understand this, and I don’t want to destroy Brock’s persona by saying too much… “In Gorilla, Brock watches all of our matches,” Natalya explained. “He watched my last SmackDown match and reviewed it, giving us criticism, suggestions, and telling us what we should do better.” He stayed and watched, and it was great to get some advice from him; he’s such a badass, but I truly admire him. I like him a lot, and he reciprocates.

“When it’s time to give back, he’s getting pushed out because he understands how to fight, which I like because he truly leads by example.” I think he’s a natural at what he does, and what I see behind the scenes is him giving back. Brock is someone I trust for advise, and he knows what he’s talking about. He informed me that wrestling Bret Hart would have been a dream match for him. Last week, we were talking, and he said that would’ve been a wonderful match because I told him how much Bret admired his work. Brock is fantastic in my opinion.”

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