Brad Pitt's Rep Has Accused Angelina Jolie Of 'Constantly Evolving Her Stories'

Brad Pitt’s Rep Has Accused Angelina Jolie Of ‘Constantly Evolving Her Stories’

On October 4, 2022, Angelina Jolie decided to accuse her former husband, Brad Pitt of getting violent with her on a flight back in 2016. However, Pitt’s representative has put an end to these claims as they denied it. The representative also stated that new details are emerging about the story every day.

A source close to the actor is accusing the actress of constantly reshaping the story that happened six years ago. As per the source, Jolie seems to be adding untrue information every time she fails to get what she wants. The source said, “Her story is constantly evolving.”

However, the lawsuit claims that Brad held Jolie’s head and shook it, and also attacked their children. He also allegedly pour beer on the actress and their kids as well as injured Jolie’s back and elbow. As per the allegations, Pitt also was accused of choking one of them and hitting another.

However, as per the insiders, Brad was found innocent after further investigation into the matter. Jolie could have shared information with law enforcement but decided not to press charges after the investigation. She could have brought these details up during their custody trial as well.

But the trial resulted in Jolie and Pitt receiving 50-50 custody after various in-depth observations and analysis by doctors, therapists, and experts. Jolie had questioned and sued the FBI for stopping the investigation. However, they claimed there was no evidence.

Angelina had claimed that Pitt was not a perfect parent but failed to prove it in the custody trial. This resulted in the former couple sharing 50-50 custody. Further, the actress reportedly also started a hate campaign against the actor. She submitted documents regarding an argument about the winery they owned together.

Sources reveal Angelina was successful in brainwashing her kids against their father. The source also reveals Pitt never used abusive words in front of the kids but was hurt by these allegations by his ex-wife.


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