Brad Pitt Adores His Daughter Shiloh’s Dancing Skills, Reacts To Her Viral Dance Video

Brad Pitt is one amazing and supportive dad !! He is been busy with premieres of Bullet Train in various cities and he has shared his reaction to Shiloh’s dancing skills.

On the red carpet of Bullet Train in Los Angeles, Entertainment Tonight asked Brad Pitt about Shiloh Jolie Pitt’s amazing dance skills which went viral on the internet. Brad Pitt rocked his premiere look by wearing a mint green suit, pairing it up with yellow shoes.

Bradd Pitt adoring the dance performance of her daughter said “It brings a tear to the eye yeah,” he further happily says “Very beautiful”.

He further added saying, ” I don’t know where she got it from. I’m Mr. Two-Left-Feet here.” (Laughs).

Shiloh Jolie’s Pitt video went viral through TikTok in which she was showing off her moves in Doja Cat’s new song “Vegas”. The dance was choreographed by Hamilton Evans, also there were other dancers from the Millenium Dance Complex as well.

The choreographer dropped the music video on his YouTube channel which featured Shiloh Jolie Pitt dancing. It was a 7-minute video, we see her performing for 1-2 minutes in the video.

She wore a Beetles T-shirt along with Black Pants and paired it up with red sneakers. Brad Pitt shared his thoughts on his kids pursuing creative paths like their parents, he says ” I love when they find their own way, find things they are interested in and flourish.”

About Bullet Train

The story revolves around 5 assassins who are unaware that their missions are related to one another. They travel through a fast bullet train from Tokyo to Morioka which stops at only a few stations. The unpleasant journey will be all about figuring out how to survive and be alive until the destination arrives.

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