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Booker T Provides An Update On The Former Intercontinental Champion’s WWE Career: “He’s Finished”

WWE Hall of Famer Wade Barrett won’t be coming back to NXT in 2023, according to recent information from Booker T. Barrett began working for the Stamford-based business in 2006. He competed for about ten years, winning the Intercontinental Championship five times. In 2016, he announced his retirement from ringside action. Barrett rejoined WWE in 2020 as a colour analyst for NXT, almost four years after leaving.

But in October last year, he relocated to SmackDown to join Michael Cole at the commentary desk. In the meantime, Booker T. took his place in the previous black-and-gold company. Booker T revealed on his Hall of Fame podcast that his employment with NXT was supposed to end at the beginning of the new year. “What bothers me is that the job was only meant to last through the end of December.”

But, as I said, what was the name of that young person who used to work there? Wade Barrett: “Yeah, Wade Barrett, yeah.” “You can see that he’s forgotten about me and gone,” he said. The former heavyweight world champion announced that he now works as a full-time NXT colour analyst. He also talked about Wade Barrett’s position in the business.

NXT commentary table

Many fans have praised Booker T in recent months for his work at the NXT commentary table. Additionally, he appears to have impressed WWE executives. Consequently, they made the decision to keep him there. The 57-year-old said on his Hall of Fame podcast that he was confident he would “steal” Wade Barrett’s induction. “I have bad news for you [Barrett].” The spot has been taken by Booker T. I also admitted to you guys that I would steal it.

You don’t just give me a job and wait for, like, someone to apply. You get the comparison to Tom Brady, right? I won’t be leaving the game once I enter it, man. The thing is, I wasn’t expecting it or anything of the sort, but I’m still happy about it. “I’m eager to start this new business,” said Booker. Booker T declared that he would compete in the 2023 Royal Rumble if the WWE extended an invitation.


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