CM Punk

Booker T Explains How CM Punk Could Join AEW Again

On the most recent episode of The Hall of Fame Podcast, Booker T said, Anything’s possible, man, especially in this business. The subject was CM Punk’s potential return to All Elite Wrestling following his ostensibly ignoble departure from the organization following All Out in September. Punk can make a comeback, but Booker T thinks it would take a lot of work.

It will be due to the damage control Punk needs to do that they will succeed in getting past his infamous outburst and the subsequent altercation in the locker room. As I said before, I don’t want to just keep going in circles. You’ve probably heard the saying that sometimes you don’t want to meet your heroes even though they turn out to be something you thought was completely different; I think CM Punk had a chance because he was in a position of authority over a group of impressionable young men who looked up to him and sought his advice as a man who could take us to the promised land.

Punk’s Return

Additionally, Booker thinks that punk will need to pay closer attention to up-and-coming artists. People have been told for years to respect their elders, but I urge them to do the same for their children because they will be in charge in 20 years.
When The Young Bucks made their Impact Wrestling debut, I questioned Who are these guys? What the hell are these people doing? If you believe it, they’ll believe it. If they were building muscles but didn’t have any, they’d still be flexing and other such things. The Young Bucks are the hottest guys right now, in my opinion. If you want to be a part of this generation, you must comprehend it. It’s distinctive.

They aren’t abiding by the laws. Brad Gilmore, Booker’s co-host, sounded uncertain about a comeback, but Booker wouldn’t rule it out. It might occur, it might work if the money is right and we believe we can pull off a rating and excite the crowd. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion claims once more that Punk dropped a ball with his 2021 AEW debut, which, despite being heartfelt and sentimental, was more focused on Punk’s past grievances than his coming years and the potential of AEW.

I believed that there could have been a party going on there instead of a let’s go back in time type of arrangement. Tony Khan, president of All Elite Wrestling, is different than any other manager, according to Booker. Booker disagrees with former WCW President Eric Bischoff, who claims that Punk shouldn’t return and called the entire situation a trainwreck. Booker also believes that Tony Khan’s management style could be the key to bringing back a star asset like Punk.


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