Booker T comments on Kofi Kingston's failed dramatic save at Royal Rumble

Booker T comments on Kofi Kingston’s failed dramatic save at Royal Rumble

In the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, Booker T shared his thoughts on the Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble spot. The New Day star attempted his usual dramatic save, as he has done at the Royal Rumble over the years, but this time, his feet ended up hitting the floor. Unfortunately, this meant he had got eliminated, but Booker believes that spot must have been a painful one.

That looked like it hurt – Booker T on the incident

“The Kofi Kingston moment, let me tell you right now, that looked like it hurt like hell. I ain’t lying, man. That looked like he crushed his sternum,” Booker T said. “Even though I know that barrier there has some padding, under that padding is something hard, okay? It’s just not a big foam pad. When he hit it, it was like putting on the brakes.

“I said, ‘ow, that looked like that hurt.’ It looked like, just from his reaction, that it hurt. Coming off the top rope, I mean, that was a crazy bump. But those are the moments right there. Just think about all the ones he was successful on, and then the ones that he missed. No one remembers the ones he was successful on, they’re going to remember this one. Because they didn’t get that moment, that euphoria.”

It’s a hit-or-miss type of deal that spoiled the moment

Booker T was asked whether Kofi’s age contributed in the mistake. However, the Hall Of Famer quickly pointed out that the former WWE Champion still works at a high standards.

“I’ll tell you, time waits for no man,” he stated. “That’s true, father time is a monster. Look, if Kofi tried that again right after, he probably could have pulled it off. It’s just one of those things, man. It’s a hit-or-miss type of deal, and that night, it just wasn’t meant for Kofi to pull off. I’m not going to say it was his age or anything like that. I’m not going to say Kofi has lost a step or anything like that because Kofi is still doing it at a very high level. But, that’s why they call it high-risk — anything can happen.”

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